App developers don't show much excitement about Google's plans to boost Android app installs

Google is promising to boost app installs with a revamped program that will include its Display Network and video ads. However, there didn't seem to be a very enthusiastic response to the news from Android developers. 

The company said major publishers such as Gree have already seen substantial gains since making its changes, and suggested that in some cases developers could see a bump in app installs on the order of 28 percent. 

Based on comments developers posted on Twitter, however, the announcement merely brought attention to ongoing problems with app engagement. This one, for example, was widely retweeted. 

"'80% of installed apps only get used once, says Google.' link'" --@mudas

Google is obviously not the only one trying to compete in this area, and there was a sense that bringing more to the table will only intensify the rivalry. 

"@TechCrunch: Google's new ad options " Will be interesting to watch the Google-Facebook ad wars now #mobilemarketing" --@bharah007

"#vbroadshow Most successful app promotion platforms are facebook and Google, followed by ad colony, YouTube, Twitter, fiksu" --@theapplab

Even beyond video ads and its Display Network, Google has been offering developers and publishers more tools to better understand how mobile ad campaigns are performing. Those efforts may also be falling flat in some quarters: 

"Despite new #analytics tools, #Google isn't doing enough to support #app #developers on its #Android OS:  #AndroidDev" --@startappdotcom

On the other hand, developers always have time for Google's creativity and sense of humor, which may prove more effective in cementing loyalty over time:

"Got to give it the people at Google. They sure know how to keep their devs happy with these toys."  /via @jenssegers --@prplps