App developers have their own opinions about the BlackBerry Classic launch

It may not have quite the punch of Apple's iPhone 6 launch, but BlackBerry's attempt to re-ignite interest in its platform by bringing out an updated version of one of its most popular smartphone designs got some surprising reactions from app developers. 

The BlackBerry Classic includes both a physical keyboard and trackpad made famous by the company's earliest model, but adds a larger screen and, of course, longer battery life. 

Although BlackBerry's BB10 operating system pales in comparison to Apple's iOS and Google's Android in terms of developer mindshare, there were at least a few loyalists on Twitter who seemed ready to give the firm another chance.

The concept of a "classic" smartphone even appealed to some mobile and design experts' sense of nostalgia.

Although BlackBerry has partnered with Google and Amazon to create more opportunities for Android apps on its devices, Twitter commentary around the BlackBerry Classic suggested the company hasn't gone far enough.

And, of course, there were plenty of jokes at BlackBerry's expense amid the launch, although a few wondered if other iconic names might eventually take a similar route.