App developers respond to the release of iOS 8.1.3

If you look around on social media, the most common consumer response to Apple's latest platform upgrade is something like, "Is it safe to install iOS 8.1.3?" For app developers, though, the reaction tends to be a little different.

Apple's recent release was intended to address a range of issues and complaints from iPhone and iPad users since iOS 8 first came out, and in some ways might be considered more important than the typical point release. Early reviews suggest it helps with some problems around the iPhone's battery, more overall stability and reduces the amount of storage required to do software updates. 

App developers on Twitter responded to the latest iOS version in a variety of ways. For some, getting their apps up to speed quickly was a source of pride:

Others, naturally, were in more of a catch-up mode.

Power consumption improvements were warmly welcomed by some developers.