Appcelerator rolls out Open Mobile Marketplace for app add-ons

Cross-platform development solutions provider Appcelerator unveiled its Open Mobile Marketplace, an online storefront enabling mobile developers to acquire free and premium software assets for integration into their mobile applications.

Open Mobile Marketplace enables any independent software vendor or cloud provider to sell native and HTML5 mobile modules, app templates, design elements and cloud extensions to the Appcelerator community, which currently touts more than 1.5 million developers. Appcelerator promises 50 solutions at launch, from partners including AdMob,, Bump, DoubleClick, Greystripe, Millennial Media, Omniture, PayPal, Salesforce, Scanbuy, Twilio, and Urban Airship. Open Mobile Marketplace also offers gaming modules from Gamekit, OpenGL and Box2D.

Appcelerator states that Open Mobile Marketplace is available to any developer or business who wishes to make its solution available to the developer community at large--the storefront offers self-serve tools enabling publishers to upload content, integrate with existing subscription services, promote assets, and support and maintain their products. Assets can offered for sale or for free, with the standard 70/30 revenue share agreement in place for premium content. Appcelerator has also integrated Marketplace into its Titanium Studio cross-platform integrated development environment, and will promote popular modules and staff favorites a la Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) App Store.

Appcelerator introduced Titanium Studio in June. Built on Aptana's patent-pending Eclipse-based IDE, which Appcelerator acquired in January 2011, the web-based development environment includes source code editing, code completion, Git integration and debugging capabilities, and integrates with iOS, Android and BlackBerry software development kits. Titanium Studio also incorporates Fastdev technologies, giving programmers the flexibility to make real-time code changes while their app is running in the simulator.

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