Apple developers reject 'Common App Rejections' rationale

The only thing worse for developers than being rejected by Apple's App Store is having no idea why, but even an attempt to clear up the mystery may not soothe some ruffled feathers.

Apple surprised the developer community by publishing a "Common App Rejections" page that explained some of its rationale. The company said apps can be rejected for reasons including broken links within an app, "placeholder content" and substandard user interfaces. 

Soon after the page went live, there were plenty of intrigued developers who suggested this would be something worth bookmarking:

Others were quick to joke about those unfortunate apps that were featured on the page--garish color choices and all. 

For several developers, however, there was considerable skepticism about Apple's tactics, given what's already available through the App Store. 

In fact, some suggested that far from making things easier, Apple's Common App Rejections Page is a waste of time.

Others went even further, interpreting the page as further evidence that platforms such as Android, Windows Phone or BB10 might deserve more attention.