Apple devs on Twitter: About that Xcode malware issue...

Malware attacks are never fun, and developers sounded less than amused by a security issue in Apple's App Store involving a modded version of Xcode.

Apple recently sent a message to all iOS developers asking them to verify their use of Xcode following the recent reveal that malware infestations in the Chinese Apple App Store, according to TechCrunch and others. Unless they used Xcode downloaded from the App Store or developer site, Apple warned, they would be out of luck.

Developers were quick to share the warning with their peers, though some suggested the entire sector should know better:

Still, the security issue managed to raise eyebrows in a number of app makers:

Given the severity of the issue, developers wondered on Twitter if they should be constantly looking over their metaphorical shoulders:

As always, there were comments that it is Apple that should be taking action first:

In the meantime, developers are making it clear to Apple and everyone else that their app process is following the rules: