Apple field testing next-generation iPhone?

iPhone application analytics suggest that Apple is now field testing a forthcoming version of the smartphone, the presumed follow-up to the current iPhone 3G S model. MacRumors reports that November usage data supplied to iBART developer Pandav by analytics provider Pinch Media includes a device noted as "iPhone3,1," an identification string that does not correspond with any shipping iPhone model--the iPhone 3G S carries the identification string ‘iPhone2,1," and first surfaced in field tests in October 2008, about eight months in advance of its commercial release.

There are few details on how the next iPhone will differ from previous editions, although rumors have suggested the smartphone will boast a multi-core processor designed to enhance performance and dramatically improve battery life. Speculation also indicates Apple will release an iPhone optimized for the Verizon Wireless network as early as mid-2010.

For more on the iPhone3,1 speculation:
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