Apple files touch-control patents

Within weeks of the iPhone's summertime release, Apple filed a series of patents for sensor layouts, mobile sensors and compliant conductors, together indicating the computing giant is working on a multi-touch device that recognizes more intricate gestures--e.g., grabbing or swiping motions with one or more fingers--and selectively disables input depending on context. According to AppleInsider, which uncovered the patent filings and pieced together the puzzle, the technology in question employs touch input nodes that are accurate enough to create a sensor image of different parts of the hand, but are not bound to any particular size, shape, or resolution. In the patent, Apple explains that pressure-sensitive technology could recognize rolling, tilting, or twisting motions for manipulating content in 3D. And because the touch controls need not be flat, the technology would enable more unique and ergonomic device designs.

For more on the Apple filing:
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