Apple revises iPhone NDA, debuts developer forum

As promised earlier this month, Apple revised its iPhone SDK non-disclosure agreement, in effect enabling iPhone application developers to more openly discuss their plans for the device platform. Previous iterations of the iPhone NDA prevented developers from communicating with each other, much to the dismay of the developer community--Apple argued the NDA was in place to safeguard its intellectual property rights, but acknowledged its security measures placed too much of the burden on developers and "others interested in helping further the iPhone's success." While the updated NDA loosens the shackles, Apple still requires developers to continue to honor confidential information relating to pre-release software as well as "Apple Events or Paid Content."

In addition, Apple responded to another recurring developer complaint by opening new web forums to registered iPhone developers. The forums, hosted on the computing giant's developer website, are described as "a collaborative environment" where iPhone developers can post questions for each other and discuss relevant development topics.

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