Apple's iOS 5 beta 2 activates Wi-Fi sync, OTA updates

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has quietly released its iOS 5 beta 2 to registered developers, adding Wi-Fi syncing and over-the-air software updates along with a series of smaller changes and improvements. Wi-Fi syncing for the Mac requires iTunes 10.5 beta 2 and OS X 10.6.8 or Lion--wireless syncing is triggered automatically when the device is connected to power and on the same network as the paired computer. Users may also manually trigger sync from iTunes or from Settings -> General -> iTunes Sync.

iOS 5 beta 2 also activates OTA updates, although none are presently available. Apple earlier promised OTA updates with the introduction of PC Free, which enables users to activate and set up iOS devices out of the box and receive software updates over the air, with no conventional computer connection. Some onlookers are speculating that the next iOS 5 beta release will be available as a wireless update.

Additional notes from the iOS 5 beta 2 release:

  • Includes general speed improvements
  • Kills bugs present in iOS 5 beta 1
  • iOS 5 Beta 1 devices can't iMessage iOS 5 Beta 2 devices (and vice-versa)
  • The includes a new iCloud logo
  • Users may now backup to iCloud or the computer when setting up a device
  • If no notifications are available, a Notification Center prompt reads "No New Notifications"
  • The Notification Center stock widget is now off by default
  • Stock wallpapers first introduced in iOS 4 are back

Apple first unveiled iOS 5 earlier this month during its annual Worldwide Developers Conference. iOS 5 heralds more than 200 new user features and brings 1,500 new APIs. It is first and foremost about seamless integration with Apple's free iCloud service, which replaces Apple's premium MobileMe offering. iCloud automatically syncs content on Apple servers for access across iOS devices as well as Macs and PCs--each day, iCloud Backup backs up all of the user's iOS devices over Wi-Fi, storing content including purchased music, apps and books as well as photos, videos, device settings and app data. In addition, Apple's App Store and iBookstore now download purchased iOS apps and books to all authorized devices, not just the unit on which they were purchased.

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