Apple unveils iOS 10 beta 5

iPhone 6s

Mobile developers now can build and test Apple iOS apps with iOS 10 beta 5, a new version of Apple's iOS operating system.

iOS 10 beta 5 was released this week, ahead of the general release of iOS 10 this fall. 

Some of iOS 10 beta 5's features include:

  • New lock sound
  • New output icon
  • Update to Apple Smart Battery Case

In addition, Apple has released new software development kits (SDKs) that enable developers to create and evaluate apps for the latest release of macOS, watchOS and tvOS.

Many developers have been impressed with iOS 10 beta 5's new capabilities. 

In fact, iOS 10 beta 5 even leverages on-device learning and recognition capabilities to allow developers to eliminate screenshots from Photos searches.

Although the iOS 10 beta 5 release is only a few days old, some developers are already sharing tricks and secrets to maximize its value. 

But Autocorrect still remains a concern for many iOS developers, including those who are using iOS 10 beta 5. 

Meanwhile, some developers are happy iOS 10 beta 5 can help them get the rest they need to remain productive and efficient. 


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