AppsFlyer: Android, iOS app user retention rates virtually identical worldwide


Android and iOS boast nearly identical app user retention rates worldwide, according to new research from mobile attribution and marketing analytics company AppsFlyer. 

"The AppsFlyer Performance Index for H1 2016" revealed app user retention on iOS and Android is "neck-and-neck" globally.

However, AppsFlyer found iOS retention was higher than Android in North America, while Android retention was higher than iOS in Europe.

  • Android outranked iOS in usage, but only by 7 percent globally
  • Twitter ranked first and second in global retention scores in both non-gaming-related and gaming-related categories
  • Facebook was the top media source for mobile advertising and ranked first in both Android and iOS power ratings

Previous AppsFlyer research indicated iOS users are roughly 50 percent more likely to spend money in apps than their Android counterparts as well.

In fact, AppsFlyer's "State of In-App Spending" report of in-app purchase (IAP) behaviors showed iOS users spend nearly 2.5 times as much as Android users.

Ran Avrahamy, AppFlyer's vice president of marketing, also pointed out evaluating IAP behaviors could present a valuable opportunity for both iOS and Android developers. 

"While only a small portion of app users actually spend money on in-app purchases, app developers and marketers can capitalize by ensuring they always offer an optimal in-app experience, and by constantly measuring and optimizing their activities in order to build a strong base of loyal, valuable users," he said in a prepared statement

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