ARM rolls out free DS-5 Community Edition toolkit for Android developers

Microprocessor designer ARM released its Development Studio 5 Community Edition toolkit, promising Android application developers resources to help build native software experiences that run up to four times faster than Java code, improving performance and energy efficiency.

The free-to-use DS-5 Community Edition includes limited functionality featured in the premium DS-5 toolkit, complementing Google's (NASDAQ:GOOG) standard Android SDK and NDK by permitting development of Java and C/C++ code in the same Eclipse integrated environment. According to ARM, the toolkit includes an integrated graphical debugger for NDK-generated code and visibility of advanced processor information, including ARM NEON Single Instruction Multiple Data registers. DS-5 Community Edition also features a tailored version of the ARM Streamline Performance Analyzer that captures detailed, system-wide performance statistics from multiple sources, helping developers identify hotspots in their code and isolate potential causes.

The DS-5 Community Edition is available free to individuals and organizations with annual revenue of $100,000 or less, and no more than 10 employees. To download the toolkit, click here.

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