Barnes & Noble kicks off NOOKdeveloper ereader app effort

Bookseller Barnes & Noble launched NOOKdeveloper, a new program inviting media providers and developers to build, market and sell content and applications for devices including the new Android-powered NOOKcolor ereader tablet. According to Barnes & Noble, developers can leverage its open eReading ecosystem to enrich book content via reference material, audio, photos, videos, web links, plug-ins and related tools--apps may also extend book content, helping readers more deeply explore subjects like cooking, travel and science. The retailer also suggests word games, puzzles and other brainteasers optimized for readers taking a break from their book or magazine.

Barnes & Noble said that in the weeks ahead it will introduce a developer portal with access to an SDK, tools, documentation, product specifications and marketing resources--NOOKdeveloper also will offer web APIs spanning a variety of content and data, and beginning in early 2011, developers may begin offering their applications for sale. Merchandising opportunities will include NOOK devices, the website and more than 1,300 Barnes & Noble and Barnes & Noble College locations across the U.S. 

Barnes & Noble introduced the NOOKcolor last week, touting a touchscreen ereader tablet presenting digital books, magazines and newspapers in full color. Priced at $249 and scheduled to begin shipping on Nov. 19, the NOOKcolor boasts a seven-inch screen promising access to more than 2 million digital titles (downloadable via WiFi connection), with 8GB of space and expandable memory options. Beyond books and periodicals, the NOOKcolor includes access to games, music and the web--in addition, the new NOOKfriends technology enables users to share content over Facebook, Twitter and email.

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