BlackBerry Storm software update coming May 31

Roughly six weeks after Verizon Wireless first announced plans to release an over-the-air software update for the BlackBerry Storm, the operator finally confirmed the update will begin rolling out May 31. AppScout reports a Verizon email promises BlackBerry Storm OS version is a bug-fixing and feature-enhancing upgrade that "improves the overall user experience." Users may download the update beginning at 3 pm ET Sunday via the website, or wait until 10 pm ET and go to Options/Advanced Options/Wireless Updates directly on their Storm device.

Version .148 first leaked two weeks ago. The update includes a series of enhancements designed to fix a host of known Storm user issues resulting in unresponsive devices, intermittent resets and multimedia snafus. (A member of the user forum posted the full change log here.)

In mid-April, Verizon Wireless said it was poised to issue BlackBerry Storm update, but the operator's labs proceeded to reject several versions of the update, the latest in a series of problems hampering the notoriously buggy touchscreen device. Verizon Wireless launched the Research In Motion smartphone in November, and while many Verizon retail stores sold out immediately, reports soon surfaced that the Storm suffered from multiple bugs, including freezes, abrupt reboots, non-responsive controls and cosmetic glitches. The Wall Street Journal later reported RIM and Verizon rushed the Storm to market despite known OS issues.

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