Breaking up BREW: How is the platform evolving?

BREW is no longer just an end-to-end solution and the folks at Qualcomm will be touting BREW's evolution and its many different uses. In particular, expect to hear a lot about uiOne, BREW's interface initiative. Carriers want personalization and uiOne lets the customer have control over their content and customize the type of content they want to see. Qualcomm's uiOne technology was launched just two years after the firm purchased Trigenix, which provides the user interface technologies and tools for uiOne. Carriers such as Sprint, Alltel and O2 are using uiOne and will be talking about it at BREW. Also, expect to hear more about BREW's growing ecosystem of carriers, handset makers and developers. Qualcomm Internet Services and MediaFLO Technologies Executive Vice President and President Peggy Johnson says BREW has more than 65 operator customers and is available in 32 countries. In addition, there are 48 device maker building BREW handsets. Here's another key statistic Qualcomm will be touting: QIS announced in March that BREW had paid more than $1 billion to developers and publishers.