Broadcom pursuing injunction against Qualcomm

Chipmaker Broadcom said it will pursue an injunction to block rival Qualcomm from manufacturing 3G and EV-DO chips after a federal judge affirmed a federal jury's May decision that Qualcomm willfully infringed on three of its patents. Broadcom said it will not seek a new trial and will accept the $19.6 million in compensatory damages awarded earlier this year--Judge James V. Selna of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California originally doubled the damages in light of another court decision, but last week overturned the ruling after a change in federal law. Selna offered Broadcom the option to either elect a new trial on all issues or accept the jury's unenhanced liability and damage verdicts. Broadcom selected the latter--attorney David Rosmann said last month that obtaining an injunction was more important than damages.

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