Browsing with BREW

Mobile browsing has become a hot button topic in wireless ever since the introduction of the iPhone last June. But browsing is still the root of a lot of frustration for many wireless users. A recent study issued by market analysis firm Forrester Research reports that 58 percent of total North American wireless subscribers feel the mobile web fails to meet their needs, with 60 percent of respondents complaining their mobile device screens are simply too small for activities beyond making calls and sending text messages. 

Many developers say BREW is a preferred platform when it comes to mobile Web browsing because the technology makes it easier to integrate and standardize. In addition, BREW is supported by a lot of handsets, both high-end and low tier. Browsing will be a topic of much discussion at BREW 2008, particularly at the "Browsing on BREW" panel on Wednesday at 2:45 p.m.