Bubble Motion intros BubbleTALK 2.0

Voice SMS services provider Bubble Motion announced the launch of its BubbleTALK2.0 platform, promising mobile operators simpler and more efficient voice SMS implementations along with a suite of new features. According to Bubble Motion, BubbleTALK2.0 reduces voice SMS service installation time to two weeks, with a modular redesign enabling operators to add new functionality and features--among them international carrier interconnect, multi-language support and Quick Bubble (a single-click messaging service)--only as they are ready to do so.

Bubble Motion says that within two months of partner Vodafone Egypt's recent BubbleTalk implementation, the operator enjoyed 15 percent subscriber take-up. In total, Bubble Motion boasts eight mobile operator partnerships in six countries, with local points-of-presence in an additional 31 countries. "The key word here is simplicity," said Bubble Motion president and co-founder Sunil Coushik in a prepared statement. "BubbleTALK was already a very simple voice SMS system to set up and maintain. Now we have taken it even further, giving operators more advanced functionality, whilst making the overall experience even easier for them."

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