This can't have been the developer response to Android M Google was hoping for

It's the one thing everyone expected to see at Google I/O 2015, but app developers didn't sound like they were champing at the bit for the debut of Android M.

The company's latest platform update includes custom tabs in Chrome, more granular control around app permissions and the ability to make purchases via fingerprint through NFC and Android Pay.

Although there's still lots of time for developers to get their hands dirty and up to speed with the potential Android M offers, their early reaction on social media immediately following the Google I/O keynote may have been less than the company hoped for.

To be fair, there were a few who sounded happy (or at least suggested as much via emoticons):

"Android M preview for developers :) link" -- @WilliamSRodz

There were even those that made the coming of Android M sound like a throw-down to iOS loyalists: 

"Android M developers preview, bitches. #io15" -- @basit_saeed

In other cases, though, Android M sounded more like something that needed more time to process than something developers would rush to deploy:

"Android M developers preview! Humm link" -- @IL_Boudjelthia

As always with Google, comparisons to Apple's mobile OS were made, but in this case they weren't all negative:

"Love the new Android M Permissions / Security model. I'm sure it's inspired by iOS but it's good for users and developers. #hurrah." -- @jain_ankit

Unfortunately, though, there are some app developers who have more or less written off Google's platform as a foundation for their business:

"icymi - my article this week about why I don't support Android (delicately put, of course!) link" -- @grahambower

And finally, even though Google became famous for its concept of a perpetual beta, there was some sentiment that, for the moment at least, Android M might be a little too "alpha": 

"Tested Android M developer preview for few minutes. Not yet ready to use as a daily driver, even for developers. Reverted to Lollipop." -- @jishnu7