Chipnuts cracks smartphone OS market

Chinese mobile multimedia chips and system solutions provider Chipnuts Technology announced the launch of its SmartNX Mobile operating system and NX200 smartphone platform. According to Chipnuts, the NX200 platform integrates its C7280 multi-core mobile multimedia application processor with the Smart NX open mobile OS and related reference design and product development tools, promising to simplify smartphone development, accelerate time to market and reduce the total cost of ownership.

The NX200 platform integrates smartphone software such as the Office suite, web browser, push e-mail and IM along with intelligent tracking and remote control, two-way real-time conversation recorder and dynamic voice transformer. Chipnuts also announced the inclusion of the Chinese stock software Dazhihui.

"All these years, Chipnuts has strived to develop China's own smartphone platform and operating system," said Chipnuts CEO David Hu in a prepared statement. "The successful launch of NX200 and SmartNX Mobile not only demonstrates Chipnuts' effort and commitment, but also strengthens and brings forward China's innovative capabilities. We hope through the use of our new products, consumers from all levels can enjoy the convenience, power, and practicality brought by smartphones, making China the country with highest smartphone penetration."

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