Chrome push notifications revive one of the oldest developer debates

Which is better: web apps or mobile apps? As more functionality becomes common--as with Google's move with push notifications in Chrome--there may be less to argue about. 

Google said several major online social networks and tech companies would be among the first to pilot push notification in Chrome 42, including Facebook, Pinterest and eBay. 

For developers and designers on Twitter, making push notifications available to all was a big step forward in the web vs. mobile dilemma. 

"Chrome 42 blurs the line between native apps and web apps with push notifications and home screen integration link" -- @bluxte

"More native mobile design patterns moving to the web: link <- push notifications" -- @richardjpope

"Getting there. Keeping an eye out for this." -- @henrikammer

"Push notifications in Chrome? Amazing!" -- @webmaverick

Some went even further, suggesting that push notifications via Chrome was just the beginning of a gradual move to web-first development: 

"Mobile web apps will replace native apps iOS/Android apps in the near future. Chrome browser is leading the way.... " -- @jasonrenai

The change could play out much differently in certain areas of the globe, as some suggested: 

"Indian ecoms mobile only plans might change if Chrome's push notifications work well for consumers. link" -- @daamitt

For some progammers, though, the announcement was more about their favorite products than a sea change in mobile: 

"If everyone can use chrome, our life will be much better. :) link" -- @maggiemu2010