Citrix: Android generates more app store download volumes than iOS

Android devices generate proportionately more application store downloads (15.3 percent) than iOS mobile devices (12.5 percent) as measured by daily mobile data volumes, according to the Citrix Mobile Analytics Report for the second quarter of 2014. Released earlier this month, Citrix said the data is generated from its ByteMobile mobile data traffic reporting product.

  • On a given day, 8 percent of subscribers download and update apps over the mobile network, generating 14 percent of mobile data volume.
  • The percentage of subscribers and data volume varies by region, with a low of 4.3 percent of subscribers downloading and updating apps over a mobile network in North America, to a high of 17 percent of subscribers downloading and updating apps over a mobile network in APAC.
  • The corresponding data volume generated by mobile application downloads and updates ranges from a low of 12.5 percent in a North American mobile operator to a high of 23 percent in an EMEA mobile operator.
  • 40 percent of mobile subscribers access social networking sites, generating 10 percent of daily mobile data volumes.

"Six categories of content make up 85 percent of mobile data volume: mobile video, app store, social networking, adult content, music and information and maps," the report said. "Providing network operators with insight into the types and volumes of content mobile subscribers are consuming helps them to identify trends in subscriber behavior and to adjust their networks accordingly."

Source: Citrix

Developers can benefit from the Citrix data as much as network operators. While they try to optimize apps and mobile games as best they can to run efficiently, seeing what takes up bandwidth on devices can be a useful way of knowing what consumers are up against on a daily basis. Much of the later parts of the report are focused on the growth of mobile video, and while this wasn't broken out into in-app experiences, it's safe to say it will likely have a huge impact on anyone creating products that work on smartphones and tablets in 2015 and beyond.

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