Consumer apps dominated mobile VC financing in September

VCConsumer mobile app companies continue to rake in venture capital financing, according to a new Rutberg & Co. report on VC financing in the wireless sector. In September, 72 wireless companies received a total of $401 million in VC funding. Out of those firms, many were makers of consumer apps and app infrastructure.

Here's a breakdown of the mobile app firms that received early stage financing in September, according to Rutberg & Co. We've listed them in order from most funding to least funding.

♦    $21 million: Mobli makes a real-time mobile photo and video sharing app that lets users view things and events--such as concerts or weddings--from the viewpoint of other people by allowing people to quickly and easily upload and share content.

♦    $20 million: Xtreme Labs is a mobile development shop that builds apps for Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Groupon and other companies. Xtreme says it has developed more than 300 mobile apps for its clients. Those apps are both consumer and enterprise and span a variety of platforms.

♦    $2 million: HelpShift describes itself as a team of hackers and product designers committed to provide customer support for applications.

♦    $2 million: Open Garden offers a mobile app that lets people securely and seamlessly connect smartphones, tablets and computers to shared wireless data connections among Open Garden users.

♦    $1.9 million: Dekko provides a context-aware platform for building augmented reality apps. Its mission is to help developers who have never used augmented reality and those who don't have any specialized knowledge around the technologies to quickly and easily build those types of apps.

♦    $1.3 million: OpenSignal makes an Android app that uses data collected from Android device users to create a database of cell towers and signal strength. It then makes this data available to consumers.

♦    $1.3 million: JustFamily is a mobile and Web app designed for families to let them share information, in lieu of the complicated privacy settings that are on other social networks. 

♦    $1.3 million: Gyft offers a mobile gift card platform that lets shoppers manage their gift cards using a mobile interface.

♦    $1.3 million: Flash Valetvoffers is a mobile app that lets consumers request their car via smartphone. The app also lets parking providers track vehicles in real time and accept credit cards at the curb and through mobile payments.

♦    $1.2 million: Pixowl is a multi-platform mobile game development company know for Doodle Grub.

♦    $1 million: Snappli describes itself as a mobile data optimization company. The firm has a cloud service and iPhone app that compress, optimize and secure mobile data. Snappli says it can reduce data consumption by up to 85 percent and speed up mobile browsing. 

♦    $1 million: Grow Mobile is still in stealth mode, so there are a few details available about the company. However, the company says it is building a revolutionary mobile marketing solution that uses ROI-based mathematical technology to better optimize ad buys across various ad networks.

♦    $1 million: Perceptual Networks is another startup in stealth mode. The company's website says its products will help people find friends, golf buddies, roommates, spouses and more.