Developer finds one-handed keyboard in iOS Simulator


Mobile developer Steve Troughton-Smith recently uncovered a one-handed keyboard code in the iOS Simulator.

Troughton-Smith said he found the code after hacking the iOS Simulator and pointed out the code had "been there since at least iOS 8."

The one-handed keyboard mode enables users to left- or right-swipe from the edges of the iOS keyboard to move the keys toward the dominant hand, according to Troughton-Smith.

Many mobile developers immediately questioned whether the one-handed keyboard code could be applied to an iPhone.

Meanwhile, Troughton-Smith offered additional insights to help mobile developers hack the one-handed keyboard onto a jailbroken iPhone.

Several mobile developers have already tried to incorporate the code onto their non-jailbroken iPhones as well.

Conversely, the one-handed keyboard code has overwhelmed at least one mobile developer.

If the one-handed keyboard ever becomes available on the iPhone, it may reshape the way that both developers and consumers look at the device.


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