Developers are pretty sure they know why Apple won't let HealthKit apps use iCloud

Developers might want to blame whoever stole naked images of Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna and other celebrities for a decision by Apple to make some strict new rules about the process of submitting apps based on its HealthKit SDK.

In a recently published update of its App Review Guidelines, the company made it clear that rising concerns around security of personal data associated with its storage as a service product, iCloud, means it will tread very carefully for those creating health-care apps.

Several developers on Twitter simply quoted directly from the passage in question, making it clear this was one of the most noticeable changes.

Some saw Apple's HealthKit proviso as something in keeping with existing regulations.

For most commentators, though, the change was a sure sign that Apple was responding to the recent scandal.

More surprising to many developers, though, was the overall tone of the guidelines, which warned against "creepy apps," and "running to the press" when their app was rejected.