Developers cheer Google's launch of Android Studio at I/O

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) was obviously trying to earn some goodwill at its I/O developer's conference when it said it would give out free Chromebook Pixel devices to all attendees. But to developers both onsite and watching from the sidelines, the announcement of a new IDE was even better.

Google's new Android Studio is an integrated application development environment that is intended to assist new and experienced developers alike in creating apps more easily than what has traditionally been possible with Java-based toolsets.

The reaction on Twitter soon after the announcement was near-euphoric.

Unlike its previous IDE based on Eclipse, Android Studio is built off of Intellij's Idea, a move that garnered strong support from a number of developers.

Not everyone was breaking out the party hats, however. Some suggested the move could create more conflict on the intellectual property front.

And finally, a few interpreted Google's decision as the kind of move that some of its biggest competitors should consider, though they weren't holding their breath.