Developers eagerly share iOS Human Interface Guide

Most developers will probably never get to sit down in person with Apple's Jony Ive and discuss the various ways to fine-tune their iOS apps, but at least now they can download the book.

Although Apple's iOS Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) have long been available through its developer portal, the company recently decided to make it much more widely available, and in a format that may be more conducive to regular use.

On Twitter, iOS developers were quick to cheer the decision and to share the link to get the book to their peers and colleagues.

Of course, Apple's iOS 7 required a lot of developers to radically rethink the user interface, if not the entire user experience, of their apps and mobile games. Some of them might have been reluctant, and the HIG book could change that.

So influential have Apple's HIG become that it became too hard to resist quoting favorite parts of the book:

Some suggested that Apple may be broadening the reach of its iOS HIG to prep for its next platform upgrade.

And others still were suggesting that Apple builds upon the iBookStore strategy with more of its developer support materials.