Developers eye opportunities in iOS 7 Sept. 18 launch

"The wait is over," was the theme of many stories covering Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) launch event on Sept. 10, but for developers and their customers, the prospect of holding out another week for iOS 7 felt like almost too much to bear.

Apple confirmed iOS 7 will be available on Sept. 18 and, with the promise of many additional features and functionality since it was first discussed in June, the overall sentiment among devs on Twitter seemed pretty positive.

A few savvy developers seemed to be taking FierceDeveloper's recent advice on app marketing and tried to cash in on all the attention:

Others were more focused on getting an early look at the platform, and reported good things...

...and a few glitches...

And while many consumers on Twitter sounded like they were chomping at the bit for iOS 7, those in the know warned that the transition may need some preparation on the developer side.

And even though iOS 7 boasts many new features, there were at least a few developers still holding out hope they could one day take advantage of the iPhone 5S's biometric capabilities.

For the time being, however, the biggest issue may be how safe Apple devices and third-party apps on the new platform will be.