Developers keep calm while Apple carries on with iOS 8.0.2

Aren't there enough problems with apps that crash without a major platform update from Apple making things even worse? Developers certainly think so in the wake of iOS 8.0.1.

Apple made a surprise move to yank the newly-released version of its operating system and urged users to "downgrade" while it came up with a solution. At press time the company promised action within "a few days."

Besides discussing the matter on social media, some developers also used services like Twitter to spread the word among users who may have found their apps and other features affected:

Although these kinds of things happen when an OS gets a revamp, developers sounded surprised at the speed with which Apple had to issue a recall.

Some devs sounded amused by the way, instead of enhancing a user's experiences with the latest iPhones, it had the opposite effect:

Ultimately, however, developers had sympathy for Apple and those on the front lines dealing with the fallout.