Developers on Twitter offer their take on Microsoft's 'universal app' strategy for Windows 10

"One app to rule them all" may never be the official motto, but that was the essential message from Microsoft recently around its "universal app" strategy.

In the latest component of a strategy that's been in the works for some time, Microsoft unveiled details of how app developers will be able to "write once, run anywhere" across a range of devices that end up using its forthcoming Windows 10 OS. This would include not only smartphones but tablets, the desktop and potentially even its XBox gaming consoles.

Not surprisingly, those close to the Windows ecosystem were excited by the news.  

"We #wpdev have been waiting for this! A first look at the Windows 10 universal app platform" -- @gcaughey

In fact, some were eager to move beyond mere announcements and start getting their hands dirty:

"Since Microsoft let us play today on #MWC15 with Windows 10 Universal app SDK CTP, there should be soon public beta, right? #WPdev @wpdev" -- @martinsuchan

Microsoft made announcements about its app strategy both at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona as well as the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, and some of the messaging didn't seem to be consistent to some developers. 

"A 'Windows app' is built on common Win app platform but a 'Windows desktop app' is just PC? Why not 'Universal app'? #GDC2015 #confusing -- @MatchXGames

There was also a recognition that even "universal" apps will not necessarily be identical for users of smartphones vs. a PC. 

"Not all apps should be the same on every device. You may need to tailor experiences." #win10dev #mwc15 -- @MrLacey

Overall, though, developers seemed impressed by the scale of the company's app ambitions. 

"A lofty vision for the Windows ecosystem: Microsoft universal app platform could be a game changer " via @techrepublic -- @thebankshow