Developers want Google to make sure its Lollipop battery-draining bug is licked

The worst may be over, but reports that a bug in Android 5.0, otherwise known as Lollipop, was draining batteries and pushed back the OS release date had developers unhappy on Twitter. 

Reports suggested it was actually developers using Nexus 6 devices who first noticed that Lollipop was hogging battery life and informed Google. Lollipop is now scheduled to debut on Nov. 12. 

Developers were clearly disappointed that battery problems were keeping them from taking full advantage of the Android platform update.

Some seemed surprised that Google could let an issue like this emerge after Lollipop was already publicly unveiled.

Others recalled Project Volta, an effort by Google specifically intended to make mobile device batteries last longer.

A few developers didn't seem surprised at all that Google's OS was experiencing some technical difficulties.

That said, most agreed it was better that the problems be taken care of sooner rather than later.