Developers welcome Google Chrome mobile data compression feature

It's all fun and apps until consumers get a look at their data usage on a phone bill--but Google may be changing that.

Last week the company announced a free feature in its Chrome mobile browser that will allow users to compress data and obtain potentially significant savings on their wireless data bill. The browser's new update will also include Chrome's Safe Browsing technology to protect against malicious webpages. Google said the features will roll out via app updates on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store shortly.

Overall, developers on Twitter seemed to think it was a great time to be in a camp other than Apple's iOS:

Though Google is trumpeting its data compression feature as a breakthrough, some developers suggested the Android maker is merely playing catch-up.

And while most users will no doubt be happy to save any money they can on data usage, some wondered what the long-term privacy trade-offs might be.