Devs don't feel much sympathy over reports of iOS 7 motion sickness

If you're a developer thinking of building upon the new animated navigation features in iOS 7, you might want to post some kind of medical warning in your terms and conditions first.

According to several reports that stemmed from an initial comment in an Apple discussion forum, the zooming and parallax animations in Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) latest mobile OS is giving a number of users motion sickness.

This initially caused stunned disbelief among developers and software professionals.

While some took it fairly seriously...

...others couldn't believe what some people get away with.

There were more than a few developers who took to Twitter suggesting the motion sickness may have come from some consumers spending a little too much time with their iPhone 5s and that they might want to think about adjusting their settings.

Based on the number of retweets, however, nothing summed up the general reaction to iOS 7 motion sickness better than this: