Devs have little sympathy for fate of former Samsung mobile design chief

Some stories say he was fired. Some say he was merely replaced. Either way, developers are not sorry to say goodbye to Chang Dong-hoon.

Samsung Electronics said Dong-hoon, who led Samsung's mobile design team, would no longer occupy his current role. Instead, those duties will be taken over by vice president of mobile design Lee Min-Hyuk, according to Reuters.

Lost in some of the online commentary was the fact that Dong-hoon will continue to lead Samsung's design center, which oversees the company's overall design strategy.

It was nearly impossible to find a developer who had a good word to say about the Samsung exec on Twitter, with the kindest using a euphemism for being laid off.

While the Korean company has declined to comment on the change, some are attributing it to tepid responses to the Galaxy S5's design, even though Samsung has managed to make significant inroads in the sector.

The prevailing viewpoint on social media was that Samsung's approach to smartphones has been derivative at best.

Even with this change, few in the mobile software sector had high expectations for the Galaxy S5's immediate successors.

Although it would be foolish for Samsung to concede defeat, some developers suggested that it could at least tone down the marketing rhetoric.