Devs on Microsoft's Sunrise acquisition: 'My favorite calendar app'

It's not every day that Microsoft buys an indie developer of iOS apps, and in the case of Sunrise, it's an app that many of those who work in mobile say is among the best in its category.

Microsoft reportedly paid in the area of $100 million for Sunrise, which offers calendaring services for smartphones, various sources reported. Although it falls far short of what Facebook has paid for the likes of Instagram, it's still a significant deal for Sunrise. 

Many developers and UI designers on Twitter received the news enthusiastically. "My favorite calendar app" was a common theme in the posts:

"Jeremy Le Van if it's confirmed by Bill's team it's awesome ! Congratulation buddy ! #startup #frombelgiumtoUS..." --@monsieur_m

"Huge congrats to my friends @pierrevalade and @jeremylv. My all-time favorite calendar now comes from @Microsoft - …" --@renn

"Microsoft just bought my favourite calendar app. Wonder how this will play out. …" --@jtopper

Naturally, not everyone was enthusiastic about the move, including some who wondered how Sunrise would fit into Microsoft's broader portfolio of productivity apps.

"Wondering what @Microsoft does with the acquiring of @sunrise for 100M. Not there yet to switch from @googlecalendar. …" --@trich_

Then there were the rivals who felt particularly cheated: 

"Ah Sunrise… the app that stole our calendar design almost pixel for pixel… …" --@ccMick

And, not insignificantly, there will be some fans of Sunrise whom Microsoft may need to work hard to retain as it integrates the startup into its organization.

"@gbeldam Noooooooo" --@dpisaacs