Mobile developers eye biometrics for app security


Biometrics authentication represents "the most promising current technology for improving the security and privacy of apps," according to market research firm Evans Data Corp.

Evans Data's new "Mobile Development Survey" indicated mobile developers ranked biometrics authentication first (36 percent) among technologies for enhancing app security and privacy, followed by on-device hardware encryption (25 percent), near field communication-based authentication (18 percent) and on-device software encryption (14 percent).

"Although biometrics authentication isn't new technology, it’s still considered the best form of authentication by mobile developers," Evans Data CEO Janel Garvin said in a prepared statement. "Iris scans and facial recognition have more novelty, but fingerprint scans are easier for the user and thus appealing to the developer."

In addition, 39 percent of survey respondents said they felt that the application layer is the most important line of defense in securing a mobile app, and 28 percent stated they believed the mobile operating system (OS) is most important.

Mobile app security remains a top priority for many developers, but a lack of app security measures represents an ongoing problem that affects apps worldwide.

A recent analysis of 126 mobile apps conducted by application protection solutions provider Arxan Technologies revealed that 98 percent of the mobile apps tested lacked binary protection, and 83 percent of the mobile apps had insufficient transport layer protection.

Arxan Chief Marketing Officer Patrick Kehoe pointed out the push to release apps as quickly as possible sometimes leads mobile developers to sacrifice security measures – something that could put both developers and end users at risk.

"Mobile apps are often used by organizations to help keep customers 'sticky,' yet in the rush to bring new apps to market, organizations tend to overlook critical security measures that are proving crucial to consumer loyalty," he said in a prepared statement.

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