dotMobi unveils community-driven DeviceAtlas 2.0

Mobile web consortium dotMobi announced the preview release of its DeviceAtlas version 2.0 handset database, promising an evolution from a "read-only" database to a "read-write" version including automated phone capability tests. The new incarnation of DeviceAtlas will enable developers to perform real-time testing of their mobile devices by visiting via mobile web browser--each time a developer runs a handset test, the results will be published in the DeviceAtlas database. Developers may also provide user agent information and enter new device models and data directly into the database, which dotMobi said heralds DeviceAtlas' transition to a true community-driven resource. Firms including Nokia, Vodafone, Telecom Italia Mobile, Argogroup, Volantis, Mobizoft and Zandan currently contribute to DeviceAtlas.

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