Driving multiplayer games with BREW

Exit Games USA's CEO Tom Sperry believes in the future of multiplayer mobile gaming. His company launched BREW Extension in 2005--the only public BREW multiplayer API for game developers and publishers to create cross-platform multiplayer games. Sperry says that tool sets like BREW help enable multiplayer games and community features. "BREW has distinct advantages over its competitors like more direct access to hardware which allows for much faster response times," he says. "Plus Qualcomm's focus on quality, like the NSTL [National Software Testing Labs] certification process, and their developer support makes BREW the language of choice for high quality games that drive revenue for all parties---carrier, publishers and developers." Expect to hear more about BREW's role in multiplayer games. Sperry will be speaking about multiplayer games at the "Multiplayer Mobile Gaming and Community on the BREW Platform" panel at the BREW conference on Friday at 3 p.m.