EBay buys Skype

In case, you somehow missed it: eBay purchased Skype for $2.6 billion in cash and stock, and that number could reach over $4 billion if Skype hits certain financial targets. eBay will use the VoIP provider to link buyers to sellers and offer new Internet-based, voice-driven sales and consulting services that are linked to PayPal. Analysts were mixed about the deal, but I think it's far too much money. Skype is incredibly successful because of the concept behind it -- free peer-to-peer VoIP and cheap in-calling and out-calling rates -- not because there's anything unique about the Skype software or brand. eBay would have been better off developing its own solution and launching a $1 billion ad campaign to lure in Skype subscribers. Article | What's the plan? | Analysts weigh in