Editor's Corner

Mobile trends & CTIA roundup
Chetan Sharma's blog has a good summary of the recent CTIA conference. Last week I identified mobile advertising as the biggest--well, most hyped--thing at the show, but it's hardly the only thing at the show. It just seemed that way. Read the whole post for Chetan's take, but here's some other upcoming developments in the mobile world:

  • The growing focus (finally) on the mobile enterprise. Interestingly, there has been huge growth in Chinese mobile enterprise apps.
  • Fixed mobile convergence via WiFi and EV-DO Rev. A.
  • Planning for 4G (and avoiding the mistakes of 3G).
  • WiMAX: can't forget about Intel and Clearwire.
  • Mobile communities (and their advertising potential).
  • Mergers and acquisitions: (Real & WiderThan, Lucent & Mobiltec and News corp. & Jamba to name a few).
  • MVNOs are finding out that it's hard to be a mobile phone company.

What's missing from this list? What's the next big thing in mobile development?Post your comments on the FierceDeveloper.com Web site and I'll try to respond personally. -Eli