Editor's Corner

There is a lot happening in the mobile world this week. CTIA IT in Los Angeles is one of the premier American mobile conferences and there is quite a bit to report.

The show is just heating up, but here are some highlights so far:

  • In his MECCA keynote, Sprint's Paul Reddick identified a whole bunch of popular myths about mobile content and the industry. Notably, he warns that carriers are not just content distributors and that mobile entertainment doesn't market itself. Read the report for much more.
  • Telephia reports that mobile TV revenues are up 67 percent this quarter, while another report warns that just one percent of subscribers would be willing to buy a mobile video subscription. Meanwhile, MobiTV is already discussing plans to broadcast over Sprint's just-announced WiMAX network.
  • Glu Mobile's Jill Braff warns, "we need to stop going to carriers and complaining to them." She advises developers to create a more constructive relationship with carriers.
  • Glu Mobile CEO Greg Ballard: "Don't assume just because [a mobile game company] didn't do well that it's not a profitable business--because there are a lot of us doing very well."
  • Sony's Michael Arrietta says the company, which just purchased Web 2.0 startup Grouper, is embracing user-generated content.

For CTIA news and features updated throughout the day, check out the FierceMobileContent CTIA site.

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