Editor's Corner

Editor's Corner:

Daniel Taylor of the Mobile Enterprise Alliance has an article on one of my favorite topics: integrating mobile applications into the corporate IT infrastructure.

He points out that IT managers are not interested in the latest  and greatest devices. In a room full of corporate IT people, not a single one of them had even heard of the Motorola Q, which theoretically should be a good fit for enterprise users. In fact, many IT managers are not just ignorant of the latest and greatest devices--they're scared. They worry that users will bring personal devices onto the network or inadvertently expose security problems. Taylor quotes Rick Martin of Unstrung: "Enabling and empowering mobile workers while meeting the organization's need for strong policies and management is far more urgent." Read on for Taylor's impressions of Computerworld Mobile & Wireless World and his advice for IT managers.

Does your company have policies for mobile devices in the workplace? Let me know what you think. - Eli