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Bringing Mobile Marketing to the Table
By Diana LaGattuta, director of marketing for Enpocket.

After having been asked on numerous occasions by my 30-something friends how to send a picture message or how to download the Back in Black ring tone, I realized that discoverability is thwarting some serious revenue opportunities. These are intelligent people, and they happen to be part of the demographic that can afford to pay for premium content and services, yet they haven't a clue how to find and use them. Why do the applications which seem so simple to you, me and the average 16-year-old stump the masses?

We have offered up a smörgåsbord of wireless enhanced services and content, but the average consumer can't figure out how to get to the buffet. How did we arrive in the land of mobile content disarray? Carriers have loaded up on a wide array of content to meet the needs of any type of mobile customer, but there are a number of disconnects between the content, the applications and the end user.

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