Editor's Corner

Windows Mobile Crossbow
Last week I mentioned a rumor that a build of Crossbow, the codename for the next version of Windows Mobile, has leaked onto the Web. I won't be linking to the ROM, but I can confirm the rumor is true.

This presents a great opportunity to take a peek at what the new Windows Mobile OS offers developers and users. Microsoft has still not officially announced Crossbow, so these details are still subject to change before release.

New features include improved messaging, storage card encryption (a must for certain government and corporate users), built-in VoIP, improved audio APIs, and tighter integration with MS Office apps. Microsoft also has a document detailing low-level improvements in Windows CE 6, which makes up the core of Windows Mobile.

Not all the improvements are technical. Engadget reports that Microsoft has greatly simplified the naming system for the various flavors of the OS, which have been a huge source of confusion:

  • Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition will become Windows Mobile Professional
  • Windows Mobile Smartphone will become Windows Mobile Standard
  • Windows Mobile Pocket PC (i.e. for a PDA) will become Windows Mobile Classic.

Unfortunately, due to the way mobile operating systems are licensed, it's unlikely that HTC/Microsoft will offer official upgrades for existing handsets.

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