Editor's Corner: Carnival of the Mobilists

Carnival of the Mobilists
Greetings! This week I have the great honor of hosting Carnival of the Mobilists, a weekly collection of the best writing in the mobile blogosphere.

Let's start off with an interesting post from Open Gardens about Mobile Ajax--more than a pretty face. It's no secret that Ajit is a big fan of Mobile AJAX--he's the one who once wrote that AJAX will replace J2ME and XHTML. I agree that there's a huge potential for simple, zero-install mini-applications that sit on top of a common framework, but I'm not convinced that AJAX is the right way to go. It's hard enough to get AJAX working across different desktop hardware and browsers, and there are still some pretty serious limitations among mobile Javascript implementations and XML processing tools. Then again, Opera seems confident that they can make a successful product out of Platform.

Next up is my favorite post of the week. StayGoLinks takes on the walled garden and writes that the walls keep tumbling down. I couldn't be happier. It's great that carriers spend a lot of time creating their deck and loading it with content, but nobody wins in a strict walled garden. Users should want use the carrier deck because of its high quality, not because it's almost impossible to go elsewhere.

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