Editor's Corner: Flash Lite, platform of the future?

Adobe (formerly Macromedia) has a pretty simple strategy for Flash Lite: aggressively push the Flash platform as a cross-platform alternative to BREW, Java, .NET and other "real" languages. Nokia has begun bundling Flash Lite with its latest S60 (3rd Edition) phones and the recently announced Nokia Content Discoverer promises to offer Flash content along with the usual ringtones, games and apps. Similarly, at BREW 2006 Verizon VP John Stratton urged developers to consider building Flash Lite apps for Verizon's Get It Now service and Adobe commissioned Rocket Mobile to create a proof-of-concept Flash Lite screensaver that integrates with its existing BREW wallpaper application.

For years now there's been buzz about using Flash Lite to deliver mobile marketing. It's no surprise: Marketing efforts need a slick UI and, above all, wide device compatibility. However, many other types of mobile applications could benefit from a dynamic UI and better compatibility. Stephanie Rieger details some use cases for Flash-based mobile enterprise apps on her blog.

Adobe is clearly trying to repeat the success of Flash on the desktop, which grew from little more than a set of UI widgets into a legitimate cross-platform Web environment. I wish them the best of luck: Breaking down the compatibility barriers between devices and platforms is always good news for developers and consumers. - Eli