Editor's Corner: Flash News!

Macromedia and QUALCOMM this morning announced a deal to create a version of Flash Lite for BREW devices. The new player is expected to ship next year. This is a big deal for developers and content producers and serves as another example of Macromedia's commitment to making Flash a legitimate platform for mobile software. Just yesterday the company unveiled Macromedia Labs, a new developer support Web site with "Alpha" versions of upcoming software. In the desktop world Flash has already replaced the Java applet as the dominant platform for interactive Web applications and games; is Macromedia trying to pull the same coup in the mobile world?

Speaking of Flash Lite, last week I reported that Macromedia had removed the free Pocket PC Flash player from its Web site. Macromedia was planning to restrict the Flash client to the pre-installed version that comes on most new devices or to developers who purchase a distribution kit. Well, thanks to feedback from Flash developers (particularly developers with Web sites and blogs), Macromedia decided to reinstate the the free download. Kudos to Macromedia's developer support team for listening and responding to its customers. -Eli