Editor's Corner: Helio MVNO launches

SK Telecom and EarthLink have officially launched Helio, the youth-oriented MVNO created by South Korean maverick Sky Dayton. This launch is important because Helio is arguably the most-hyped MVNO to date. Helio will be battling fellow start-up Amp'd Mobile along with the traditional carriers for lucrative 18-to-25-year-old mobile users.

An "All-In-Membership" to Helio runs $85 for 1,000 minutes and unlimited data. The service features Yahoo and MySpace integration, along with 10 channels of streaming news and video. Users also need to choose from one of two EV-DO phones: the Hero ($275) or the KickFlip ($250). Additional multimedia services and games are available for a fee (or they can be gifted or loaned from another user). - Eli