Editor's Corner: HTC: Bill Gates' secret weapon

The High Tech Computer (HTC) brand may not be familiar to most consumers, but Microsoft (and Windows Mobile developers) know it well. HTC sells its phones to carriers, who rebrand them as their own. And Microsoft, of course, gets a royalty from every Windows Mobile device made. While many Taiwanese manufacturers function on dangerously slim margins, HTC is experiencing huge growth. According to a BusinessWeek article, HTC recently announced sales twice those of last year and profits of three times those of last year. These trends are likely to continue thanks to the expected growth of the smartphone segment and HTC boss Peter Chou's high quality standards (he reportedly sent the Star Trek phone back to development three times before releasing it to consumers). Gartner estimates that this virtually unknown brand will generate a whopping $5.3 billion in revenue and $988 million in profit next year. - Eli